Ryan Alessio – Evenings

Monday – Friday: 7:00pm – 12:00am

Sunday: 11:00am – 4:00pm

My name is Ryan Alessio, I was born in New Castle, PA.. I know, exciting stuff.
I grew up enjoying Godzilla, Pro Wrestling (not the fake stuff like you see in the Olympics) and sports (Cleveland all the way). I was probably the only 12 year old who went to see George Carlin do stand up… that could explain a lot right there.
It was also at 12 years old I figured out I wouldn’t mind getting into the crazy world of radio because I use to listen to AM Coast to Coast every night and enjoyed the over top broadcasts.
Around the age of 15 another life altering discovery happened. I started listening to heavy metal, and I couldn’t get enough.. The heavier the better. To this day I still love waking up with a sore neck because I head banged for 3 hours straight at a metal show.
I think the most interesting thing about me is that even though I have gotten older and have to pay taxes I still enjoy everything I grew up on, so you will hear me talk Godzilla, Wrestling and Sports regularly… Sorry ahead of time.
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